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Infra-red Thermography Scanning
Non-destructive testing technique that utilizes thermal imaging to detect and analyze thermal patterns, hotspots and anomalies.

The main idea behind IRTS is that all things give off infrared radiation (heat) because of how hot or cold they are. IRTS uses special infrared cameras or thermographic equipment to record the thermal patterns and changes in temperature of items or surfaces and turn them into visible images called thermograms. Different colors or shades on these thermograms show different temperature levels. This lets the user see if there are any strange temperature patterns or possible problems. IRTS is extensively used in electrical systems to identify faulty connections, overloaded circuits, and hotspots that may indicate potential equipment failure or fire hazards. It helps in preventive maintenance and reduces the risk of electrical accidents.


Advantages of IRTS:

  1. Non-Destructive Testing: IRTS is a non-invasive technique that does not require physical contact with the item or system being tested. This lets inspections be done without hurting the processes or stopping them.
  2. Early Detection of Problems: IRTS can find problems early on by capturing thermal trends. This lets people act quickly and do preventive maintenance. This keeps expensive breakdowns and accidents from happening and makes sure the equipment works well.
  3. IRTS saves time and money because inspections can be done faster and better than with standard methods. It can cover big areas and give results in real time, which cuts down on inspection time and costs.
  4. Better safety: IRTS helps find possible dangers, such as electrical problems, insulation problems, or equipment that is getting too hot. By taking care of these problems right away, it keeps people safe and keeps accidents from happening.

IRTS is a powerful and valuable tool in various industries for non-destructive testing, preventive maintenance, and quality assurance. By detecting thermal anomalies and patterns, IRTS enables the identification of potential issues and helps in mitigating risks, ensuring safety, and optimizing the performance of systems and structures.

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Detect potential hotspots in your electrical system as soon as possible. Contact us to arrange for IRTS to be conducted on your switchboards.