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Shutdown Servicing & Maintenance
Planned and systematic process carried out in industrial facilities to perform critical maintenance, repairs, inspections, and upgrades on equipment and systems.

Shutdown servicing and maintenance, also known as plant shutdown or turnaround, is a planned and methodical operation carried out in industrial facilities to undertake important equipment and system maintenance, repairs, inspections, and upgrades. It entails temporarily suspending the facility’s or specific units’ activities to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Shutdown servicing and maintenance are critical for maximizing plant performance, extending equipment lifespan, and guaranteeing human and environmental safety.

Objectives of Shutdown Servicing and Maintenance:

  1. Repairs and maintenance: The primary goal of shutdown servicing is to execute scheduled maintenance operations, repairs, and replacements on equipment and systems. Cleaning, lubrication, inspections, calibrations, and component replacements are examples of such tasks. By addressing maintenance needs during the shutdown time, the facility can reduce the chance of unexpected failures and equipment failure during regular operations.
  2. Safety and compliance: Shutdown servicing allows for safety inspections, functional tests, and compliance checks on important equipment, ensuring that they satisfy industry standards, regulatory requirements, and safety recommendations. This aids in the maintenance of a safe working environment for employees as well as the mitigation of potential hazards.
  3. Efficiency and optimisation: During a shutdown, plant operators can conduct renovations, alterations, and optimization techniques to improve the facility’s overall efficiency and performance. This could include the installation of new equipment, process improvements, increased energy efficiency, and technology developments. These programs seek to increase productivity while lowering energy usage and improving overall operational performance.


The Advantages of Shutdown Servicing and Maintenance:

  1. Regular shutdown service and maintenance help identify and handle potential equipment faults, reducing unexpected breakdowns and minimizing downtime during regular operations. It increases the dependability, performance, and lifespan of equipment.
  2. Improved Safety and Compliance: By completing safety inspections, compliance checks, and equipment updates, shutdown servicing ensures a safe working environment for employees and reduces the risk of accidents, environmental issues, and regulatory noncompliance.
  3. Shutdown times provide opportunity for process improvements, technological updates, and energy efficiency improvements. As a result, productivity increases, energy consumption decreases, operational processes are optimized, and overall facility performance improves.
  4. Savings: Properly planned and conducted shutdown service and maintenance help to avoid costly emergency repairs, minimize production losses due to unexpected breakdowns, and optimize equipment lifespan. It also enables more accurate budgeting and cost control.


Ultimately, shutdown servicing and maintenance are critical activities in industrial facilities for guaranteeing equipment reliability, safety, and overall plant performance. Shutdowns enable the timely completion of key maintenance jobs, repairs, and upgrades through careful planning, execution, and follow-up inspections, resulting in increased productivity, safety, and operational efficiency.